Summit Capital Management is New England’s premier provider of private capital. Because of our knowledge and expertise, being proven investors ourselves, we provide our investors with low-risk, high-yield asset backed commercial investments. Summit Capital Management has a long standing track record of providing impressive returns for its investors.

Proven Success

Summit’s team of local industry experts has over 25 years of combined experience in investing, lending and borrowing. Prior to forming Summit Capital Management the principals were owners/investors/developers of real estate ranging from condos and single family homes to massive residential multifamily, and commercial projects. We are proud to mention that Summit’s principals actively invest their own capital into Summit Capital Management alongside its investors.


All investments through Summit Capital Management are secured by a first position of Real Estate. All loans go through extensive underwriting and meet our proven criteria for success. Summit Capital Management also backs each loan, which significantly reduces the risk of investors as Summit Capital Management will not lend on a deal that we would not feel comfortable owning.